Whiter Teeth with Abilene Family Dentists

Tooth Whitening can help you love your smile again. Finley & Runyan offers 3 types of teeth whitening products and processes to fit your lifestyle and your budget. Learn more about how professional teeth whitening can give you a brighter, whiter smile. And learn some fun facts about the procedure while you are at it! […]


Liposuction in just Easy 10 Steps

Liposuction can seem complicated so we have broken it down into 10 easy steps. The most import step being finding the doctor that is going to preform your liposuction. You want a doctor that has performed 1000s of liposuction procedures. A doctor that has good before and after photos and good reviews online from past […]


50 Best Foods for Healthier & More Beautiful Skin

If you want to get healthier and more youthful skin, you can cut your budget on skincare products and invest more on healthier and more balanced diet. That’s right, healthy foods can actually do wonders for your skin, something you wouldn’t believe balanced diet can give you. Not only can it give you healthy and […]


The Power of Pre-Suasion

Do you know what pre-suasion is? Probably not. Do not worry, we will help you figure out. And more. This infographic explains in detail about pre-suasion, gives instances for better understanding and describes what its purpose is. Pre-suaders increase agreement with a yet to be delivered message in two ways. Canadian researchers arranged for call […]