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Shopping Cart Abandonment: Ecommerce Tips to Increase Sales 5/5 (1)


Have you streamlined your checkout process to maximize completions? Three in four shopping cards are abandoned worldwide, resulting in losses over $4 trillion dollars each year. Using ad retargeting, text messages and email reminders, you can bring customers back to the website and recover sales. In addition, including exit popups, displaying security badges and keeping the cart visible on the…
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Is It Really Free? 5/5 (2)


The world of freebies has also been corrupted by a number of schemes and tactics developed by the manufacturing brands that give an illusion that a person is getting something for free but the reality is a lot different. The infographic below highlights all such fake offers.  If the retailers are asking you to buy a specific product to get…
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Oregon Demolition Pros Talk Scrap Metal Recycling Benefits 5/5 (1)

Oregon demolition pros

This infographic explains the uses of scrap metal both for demolition contractors in Oregon and for overall usage in the world. It talks through statistics around how scrap metal is used, what percentages of what kinds of metal are used and for what, as well as what Oregon demolition companies do to help use more scrap metal and protect the…
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5 proven customer acquisition strategies for B2C startups 5/5 (1)


For B2C businesses, user acquisition strategies are something that need to change, grow and adapt constantly. Growth hacking strategies for startups evolve everyday and you need to ride the wave. However, there are some methods that we have consistently tested and have found amazing results from. Remarketing advertising, referral discounts, SEO for search engine traffic, Social Media engagements and conversion…
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Tallest Glass Skyscrapers in the World & their Views No ratings yet.


Abbey Glass have created an infographic showing the tallest glass skyscrapers in the world. It shows the Burji Khalifa in Dubai. This impressive building was built in less than 5 years. In fact it took 1,325 days to build. The height is 828 metres and has 163 floors. It takes 3 to 4 months to clean the world’s tallest building….
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Recent Data Hacks that Shook the World No ratings yet.


“The recent breaches in security have become news headlines in the recent years — a sign that cyberattacks continue to increase in size and sophistication. In this fast-paced world of the “Internet of Things”, devices can now send and receive data on a daily basis without human interference — thus, increasing the risks of a cybersecurity breach. Being a victim…
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