Must-Know Alcohol Facts & Figures

The 1.800.NoCuffs infographic explains the must-know alcohol facts and figures. Every year thousands of people are wrongly arrested for DUI. Much of what passes as DUI science is “junk science” that is faulty result-oriented justice. The devices used to detect alcohol levels are based on the fallacy of the “average person,” when there is no […]


Top 14 Romantic Getaways Valentine’s Day

A few night’s sleep and we’ll all be celebrating Valentine’s day. While this romantic day is fast approaching, many of you are still left without a plan for a dinner date or romantic getaway. Life’s just keeping you busy: work, school, and family whatnot. Good to know, in a country like the Philippines you will […]


All You Need to Know about De-Tariffication of Motor Insurance

When detariffication starts, motor insurance premium will no longer be tariffed, which means that insurance companies will be free to calculate premium on their own. Risk-based pricing will be implemented which means that when determining the price of premium, insurance companies will take into consideration several risk factors, such as: Gender of driver, Age of […]


Travel the U.S.

The United States has a great number of cities and landmarks to visit and discover. Places like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building Hoover Dam, the Alamo and others are popular places for tourists to embark and travel to. But while you are traveling, do you know the best and worst days to […]