3 Types of Vacuum Pumps and Their Applications

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(Last Updated On: March 26, 2018)

The history of vacuum technology dates back as far as the ancient times. However, it was only in the later centuries that industries have realized the benefits of employing the use of vacuum pumps in their operations. An essential part of a vacuum system, vacuum pumps are tools specifically built to eliminate gas from a sealed container and store a partial void. Far from its past reputation synonymous to high energy costs and excessive energy wastes, the universal machine is now considered a cost-efficient solution housed in a well-built structure guaranteed to provide a long-lasting service. Today, while vacuum pumps basically have a common function, they now come in a wide variety of types and makes, with each varying in applications. In this infographic, Compresstech Resources, a leading provider of compresstech solutions and distributor of EVP vacuum pumps, highlighted three common types of vacuum pumps and defined them according to their techniques.

Infographic Source: http://compresstech.com.ph/2018/03/26/3-types-vacuum-pumps/


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