Common Skincare Problems during the Rainy Season

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(Last Updated On: September 15, 2016)

Summertime has long been gone, and there comes the rainy and cooler ahead that are opposite to the hot season. If there’s one thing common in these two seasons, it’s that both present the same risk of giving people skin problems. Even if the sun’s harmful UV rays are significantly lesser than they were during summer, our skin is still unsafe from the possible skin dilemmas–now caused by monsoon.

During rainy season, the moisture and warmth in the air increases. The warm air plus the humidity makethe best breeding place for bacteria and fungus that encourage skin infections. This kind of environment is what the skin is always exposed to during monsoon.

Aside from keeping your skin dry and clean, there are more effective skin care advices that you can do to avoid the most common skin dilemmas during the rainy days. To know more which skin problems are most prevalent this season and how you can steer clear of them, here’s a comprehensive infographic by SkinCell, one of the leading derma clinics in the Philippines.

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