Naming a Book isn’t Easy: 10 Amazing Stories

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(Last Updated On: June 26, 2017)

Have you ever taken the time to sit down and think about the creativity and the effort required to produce a brilliant classic book? To some people, writing unforgettable stories comes naturally. Others have gotten better through the years.

One aspect of book writing, however, challenges even the most brilliant of novelists. This aspect is the creation of the perfect title.

We can all easily name our favorite novels without thinking twice. The reason is simple – they’re all equipped with a title that’s catchy and clever enough to become memorable and remain a classic through the centuries.

Very often, authors weren’t the people to produce those beautiful titles. In fact, they had a completely different idea. Editors, translators and other professionals involved in book production have contributed to some of the best book titles out there.

Take 1984 as an example. George Orwell originally wanted to call the book The Last Man in Europe. According to an editor, however, the long title wasn’t catchy and memorable enough. Most of the book’s content takes place in 1948. According to some theories, the title was derived by switching the last two numbers of the year.

This story and nine other amazing tales of creativity are presented in the following infographic. It takes a look at book titles and how they’ve come to be.

Infographic Source: Naming a Book isn’t Easy: 10 Amazing Stories


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