State of Corporate Data Security 2015-2016

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(Last Updated On: September 28, 2016)

Tech researchers annually track the latest trend and status of data security mainly because these matters are practical for the tech-companies that process our data, and for consumers like us as well. Because of this, leading research centers treat the state of companies’ and organizations’ data security as a vital content for whitepapers and reports.

Data security and its status is essential in the corporate world because data companies get a clearer warning to tighten their security when it comes to data control and process.

In addition, reports that explain the status of data security, whether in the cloud or in premise, plus the surveys being conducted serve as good modes to keep things in check. Transparency among data controllers and processors needs to be emphasized. Things that we use in our daily lives (gadgets, cars, appliances) can mostly connect to the internet and can exchange information without human interaction (hence, the Internet of Things) — all the more reason why companies must tighten on their data security.

Here’s an infographic from Turrem Data, a reputable security distributor for digital and physical data, to give you a better grasp on the current state of corporate data security.

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