The Hyperinflated Compressed Air Movie Guide

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(Last Updated On: June 27, 2017)

There are those that say air compressors are very boring. We wanted an infographic that would show some of the impractical, dangerous and downright impossible uses of compressed air in movies. We searched high and low for movies that used compressed air in fun and wacky ways to terrify and amuse cinephiles. Researching the infographic was fun too. Asking friends if they could think of films with scenes involving compressed air resulted in many odd looks.

We wanted to link compressed air with blood pressure. This is why we added in our patented pulse-o-meter ratings beside each of our movie scenes. We ordered the scenes base on how likely they are to increase your blood pressure. When you see which film had the highest pulse-o-meter rating I think you will find that you won’t question our final choice.

The infographic was designed using Pixelmator. This is the first infographic that I designed. I hope to create more down the road as it was a lot of fun putting it together and learning how to use Pixelmator.

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