Top 14 Romantic Getaways Valentine’s Day

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(Last Updated On: February 10, 2017)

A few night’s sleep and we’ll all be celebrating Valentine’s day. While this romantic day is fast approaching, many of you are still left without a plan for a dinner date or romantic getaway. Life’s just keeping you busy: work, school, and family whatnot.

Good to know, in a country like the Philippines you will never run out of romantic destinations to explore. With a shoreline that is almost as long as that of Russia and with kilometers of hike trails offering numerous activities to pump your adrenaline, planning a memorable getaway for Valentine’s shouldn’t be difficult to do.
In this infographic from Lee Boutique Tagaytay, you will find a list of destinations and activities–from North to South, that will help you plan your romantic getaway this Valentine season.

Read on to discover the best places that suit your money and schedule–and make the best Valentine’s escapade!

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