What To Do When You Run Out Of Fuel?

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(Last Updated On: March 28, 2018)

Many drivers unintentionally drive their vehicles with the nearly emptied fuel tank. Not only running out of can affect the performance of the car, but it can also lead to a grisly accident and potential serious legal ramification especially if the driver lacks knowledge on what he/she should during such situation. In fact, a woman has been on put on trial last January 2018 after one of her passengers died when her car ran out of fuel then was hit by a lorry in a motorway two year prior the arraignment. Langton’s Nissan Note ran out of fuel and became stranded on the motorway in March 2016. Tammy Langton is driving a Nissan Note when she ran out of fuel and became stranded on the motorway in Essex in March 2016. Miss Cooper, who was sitting in the back seat, was killed when their car was hit by an HGV pulling a fully laden trailer. This is just one of the cases wherein driving while low on fuel has proven to be very fatal. To know what you should when you ran out of fuel while driving, check the infographic below from iChoose Philippines.

Infographic Source: https://ichoose.ph/blogs/run-out-of-fuel-infographic/


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