10 Warning Signs of Unhappy Employees [Infographic]

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(Last Updated On: June 29, 2017)

Most businesses believe that increased productivity in their teams leads to better results and more positive output for the business. This, in turn, means growth for the business – the goal of most managers and business owners.

However, there are many factors to productivity, and one of the most important is employee satisfaction. According to studies, employees feel more inclined to work when their mood is happy and they feel their boss cares about them. Do you care about your employees? If yes, then good. If not, then you need to start paying attention, or you may end up costing your business.

As a manager, it is crucial that you watch out for signs that your employees may be starting to feel dissatisfied in their work. Here are 10 warning signs of unhappy employees you should catch before it gets worse. Doing so will prevent unnecessary losses to your company and bring increased productivity to your team.

Infographic Source: https://guthriejensen.com/blog/warning-signs-unhappy-employees-infographic/


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