DIY Teeth Whitening Solutions That May Actually Cause Damage

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Everybody dreams of achieving a Hollywood smile – a smile that reveals a set of pearly white teeth, free of yellowing and stained teeth. But, professional teeth whitening treatments and cosmetic dental procedures can turn out to be costly and not everyone can afford them.

It is one of the reasons why more and more are turning to DIY teeth whitening procedures. Most of whom are oblivious to the risks they expose themselves to every time they whiten their teeth at home, without a dentist’s supervision. No matter how seemingly easy, effective, and cheap these treatments seem to be, they often entail potential disadvantages that end up with you paying more to repair the damage they have caused.

In this infographic, Classic Smiles, a cosmetic dental clinic in Miranda, Sydney, discusses some of the few side effects of DIY teeth whitening and reveals further how such procedure can be possibly dangerous to your oral health.

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