How to Remodel a Metal Garage to an Apartment?

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Are you considering remodeling your metal garage into an apartment to rent or as a guest room or mother-in-law suite? It can be a complicated and time-consuming project to attempt, but it will be well worth the time and investment. If you are remodeling to rent the apartment, make sure that you are aware of any extra permits or needs you might have for that.

It’s best to know about all of those things before starting your project, rather than after. If you are having a metal garage installed specifically to create an additional apartment, you should keep in mind that your apartment will need to share utilities with your home and possibly heating and cooling as well. If the garage is situated closer to your home, this will be easier and cheaper.

One of the great things about doing the remodeling as a do it yourself project is that you will be able to design the apartment’s interior completely. You can add the rooms you would like, or even opt for a more open floor plan. Aside from working well as a rental property, this kind of apartment can work well as a bedroom or guest room too. A growing family that doesn’t wish to move can easily add a room to their home this way, or it can be used to accommodate visitors, especially if they are staying for more than just a day or two.

Whatever you are using your apartment for, let your creativity flow! You are the master of design here! Check out the Infographic to find out how to turn your metal garage into the perfect apartment to meet all your family’s needs.

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