The Pros and Cons of Cloud-based Software Systems

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A large number of businesses started using cloud-based systems to the point that one-third of the businesses in Australia use it, 85% utilize cloud computing systems and 60% store data in the cloud. Many business owners migrate to the cloud thanks to its efficient operations, large storage capacity, and accessibility. Data computing tend to use up a computer’s storage and memory, slowing it down significantly when storing large quantities of data.

Cloud-based systems do not have such problems as it only needs a stable internet connection to work efficiently. The cloud has a storage capacity reaching to about 100 million gigabytes, which is significantly greater than that of the average hard drive that can reach to about 500 gigabytes. Users no longer need to update their systems manually when using cloud-based ones since the process is automatic.

There are a lot of advantages with cloud-based systems, but there are some concerns with it. Power outages and a slow internet connection can limit a user’s access to the cloud while privacy and security risks might worry business owners about losing sensitive data. Business owners can reap significant benefits from cloud-based systems in many areas, and the company can manage their system to reduce security risks. For more details on the cloud-based systems’ pros and cons, see this infographic by Bizprac.

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