The Role of Encryption in Today’s Digital Society – Infographic

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In today’s digital society where everyone is connected to the online realm, maintaining secure and reliable data transfer is a paramount objective. In fact, many of our daily “mission-critical” activities, tasks, and jobs require the use of some form of security protocol called encryption.

For the novices, encryption is the process by which data is encoded so that it remains concealed from or inaccessible to unauthorized users. It helps protect private information, sensitive data, and can enhance the security of commutation between client apps and servers. Essentially, when a data is encrypted, even if an unauthorized person gains access to it, they will not be able to read the data itself.

The basics of the encryption process are easy to understand as well. To encrypt data, the owner must use an encryption key – which is an algorithm that translates readable data into an unreadable data or ciphertext. Only the corresponding decryption key can decode the ciphertext back into a readable format.

Encryption has lots of practical applications in our day-to-day life, such as in secure mobile messaging apps.To learn more about the importance of encryption in today’s digital world, check the infographic below from TeleMessage.

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