22 Top Email Marketing Tools You Can Use in 2017

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Today’s marketers need to connect with their audience in a highly personalized way, while staying on budget. It can be done through email marketing as it is affordable (compared to paid search marketing), deliver ROI, generate leads, and targeted conversions.

However, those who are planning to get into email marketing might be baffled by an obvious question. “What are the effective tools that are put to use in email marketing?” The tools used for email marketing has become so much sophisticated and guarantees excellent results. There are various paid versions available, you have to choose the one that suits to your budget and marketing needs. Have a sneak peek at the infographic illustrating the top marketing tools that are being used by marketers in 2017.

Infographic Source: http://www.jointviews.com/blog/top-email-marketing-tools-2017/


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