40 Filipino Superstitions that You Need to Know during Funerals and Wakes

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(Last Updated On: February 20, 2019)

Many Filipinos still go through daily life being guided by superstitions, whether by habit or with genuine belief in these little folk practices. There are certainly superstitions for funerals and wakes, too! This provides mourners in the Philippines with an interesting way of showing respect during these solemn gatherings. It also allows younger visitors to stay in good graces with older relatives whom they might have not seen in a long time. Other mourners adhere to these superstitions to avoid bringing more bad luck and misery onto the grieving family.

There are many superstitions during wakes and funerals that Filipinos widely practice until today. You may have heard of mourners stepping over burning guava leaves or visiting malls before heading home from a funeral. At the same time, though, there are many superstitions which most people have forgotten about.

For one, did you know that a glance at the hands of the deceased can tell you whether or not the bereaved family will have a stable future? There’s even a superstition related to the flowers used at the wake! It helps to know about the possible superstitions that the bereaved family may be observing, so that you can be respectful while expressing sympathies. Here’s a list of 40 Filipino superstitions to remember during funerals and wakes.

Infographic Source: https://www.flowerpatchdelivery.com/blog/40-filipino-superstitions-funerals-and-wakes/


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