5 Reasons why high EQ individuals are great employees Infographic

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In 1905, Alfred Binet developed the Intelligence Quotient test or IQ. Since then, it has been used as the standard to determine an individual’s intelligence to predict their future success. A person with a high IQ knows everything about their field of expertise. They perform well on tests and are quick to learn new skills. However, when you put these geniuses in a rigorous workplace setting, they can struggle to communicate their ideas and get frustrated when others don’t see their point of view.

How can these two scenarios exist? It is because of another intelligence type, the EQ. Emotional Quotient plays a vital role in whether an individual can succeed in the workplace. Someone with high EQ has empathy, adaptability, innate motivation, keen self-awareness, excellent people skills, and the ability to self-manage. All of these enable them to collaborate efficiently and finish projects.

There are several reasons high EQ individuals make great employees, mainly because they influence the company’s success. You can learn to improve your EQ and become a better employer or employee if you are someone who does not have these innate abilities. While the skills and competencies of a job candidate are critical to finding a good fit for the position, emotional intelligence and skill also significantly influence whether they can excel in their role.

Infographic Source: https://perelson.com/why-eq-may-be-more-important-than-you-think/


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