8 parties involved in a car accident

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(Last Updated On: January 20, 2022)

When traffic accidents happen, after verifying that everyone is fine, in optimal health conditions, the first thing we think about is who is responsible for the accident. We always think exclusively of the other driver, but there are actually more parties involved. In addition to the driver, there is the owner of the vehicle, if it is a different one. The owner of the company, in case it is not a personal vehicle but a business one. In other cases they may belong to government entities. That being the case, when you think of financial compensation there are more parties involved than you may think. If you document the accident well, you will know how to address each of the parties involved to seek the highest possible compensation. Even more so, if the accident was caused by a negligent and distracted driver. In this infographic you will learn which are all the parties involved in a traffic accident.

Infographic Source: https://barrypgoldberg.com/accident-resource-center-2/car-crash-infographic/


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