Anatomy of a Pinball Machine: Pinball Parts and Terminologies to Know

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(Last Updated On: April 1, 2017)

Sure you’ve heard the words flippers, bumpers, plunger and toys. But when you hear these words from Pinball players, they mean a different thing. These are the parts of pinball machine and every pinball player knows these terms well like the back of their hands.
Pinball is not your typical arcade game, it has a rich history and is deeply entrenched in pop culture. The influence of pinball in pop culture is in fact so intense that an artist movement in the 60s in Chicago was molded by this game. As such, no wonder there’s a need for a primer to tackle about the parts of the pinball machine.
Good to know, Pinball Sales Australia developed this infographic to simplify some important information just for you. Read and share!

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