Android vs. iOS App Development: A Comparison & Decision Guide

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As the number of apps downloaded continues to increase-along with a $200 billion revenue for apps expected in less than three years, it is definitely the perfect time to create apps.

In fact, statistics show that there are already 25 billion new downloads just for the first quarter of 2017. Further, the Google Play Store has 2.8 million apps available and 33 categories, while Apple’s App Store has 2.2. billion apps and 24 categories.

While there are tons of apps to choose from, the most downloaded ones are for games and business, while the least downloaded ones are for music and finance. If you’re a mobile app developer, you can use this information to be more aware of which apps you can develop. However, the most important decision you should is whether you would create an app for iOS or Android.

This infographic from IntelligentBee compares the app development for the two operating system in terms of their demographics, devices, development time, and more.

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