Asbestos Landfill/Asbestos Disposal Areas in Victoria

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Although asbestos is widely known as a hazardous material, illegal transport and disposal of these asbestos wastes still occur. Illegal dumping of asbestos can risk the welfare of many people and pose potential damage to the environment; thus, it is punishable by a serious offence.

To minimise the risk and exposure to the harmful asbestos products, it is important to know and comply with certain regulations and safety precautions when dealing with the substance. If you plan to dispose an asbestos waste, it is important to contact the person in-charge with the landfill, or a local council. By doing so, you will be able to determine which type of asbestos they are permitted to receive; if they have certain requirements before delivering of waste to the disposal area; and other details that are essential for you to know.

To provide you further information about the asbestos landfills in Victoria, here’s a useful infographic by AWARE, the leading asbestos removal company in Melbourne.

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