Car Dashboard Symbols and Meanings Infographic

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If you’re new to driving, you’ve probably pondered what the lights on your dashboard indicate at some point. Almost all current automobiles feature dashboards with a series of symbols that illuminate in red, orange, or green. These are known as warning lights, and they serve as your vehicle’s means of communicating with you. While the majority of these symbols are self-explanatory, others are perplexing and even amusing!

Ignoring these warning signals can frequently lead to disaster. A flashing light on your automobile dashboard indicates that one or more vital components in your vehicle are either activated, deactivated, malfunctioning, or need to be replaced. And if your dashboard lights up like a Christmas tree, you’re likely to become trapped on the side of a busy road.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned driver, it is critical to understand what these warning lights represent. Here’s a quick quiz to see how well you know the various car dashboard icons and their significance.

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