Common Reasons for Neglecting Disaster Preparedness Infographic

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No matter where you are, you are at risk of natural disaster. A survival plan can lessen the dangers of flooding, wildfires, earthquakes, and high winds. However, despite all the available data and common knowledge about the risk of catastrophes, a large part of the population still rejects the idea of disaster preparation. There are many pieces of evidence to back the importance of knowing what to do in case of a calamity, but many are still believing in many fallacies against this.

Researchers can explain the reason behind this thinking with some theories. Detachment is one explanation, viewing the horrifying news as something more likely to affect other places and people, so they don’t prepare. You are wrong if you think those who have experienced them will prepare for the next disaster. They can slack off on preparations because they minimize or forget the fear and the danger when looking back. Another scenario would be dismissing the oncoming storm as less devastating because they don’t read the available data about it.

Their understanding of it is out of the window; thus, they don’t prepare properly for it. There is also the case of people looting stores and homes. Homeowners prefer to stay back and fend off criminal activity instead of evacuating. The most unfortunate explanation would be poverty. Lower-income families opt to ride out the storm without financial assistance from the government and aid agencies since evacuation plans are beyond their means.

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