Dissertation Limitation Chapter – Expectations of Audience

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(Last Updated On: June 9, 2016)

Every dissertation whether master’s or undergraduate level, suffers its research limitation. Research limitation range from flaws in research design to common problems like challenge of justifying why and how research finding answers research hypothesis or question. Here are some rules to consider while writing Research Limitation chapter.Disserataton

Well structured
Like abstract, structure is also important because student usually only have about 200 to 500 words to justify and explain potential limitations and weaknesses in their dissertation. For well-structured research limitation section you need to follow 3 basic moves.

  • Announcing
  • It instantly help you to identify the limitations and clarify how significant each limitation is.
  • Reflection
  • It gives greater depth, to explain nature of limitation and justify choices to be made during research process.
  • Forward Looking
  • It enables you to recommend how limitations could be cater in near future.

The collective purpose of these 3 moves is to stimulate the reader to read the limitation section in structured and concise manner.UK dissertation help to recognize the limitations, understand why those factors are limitations, and direct ways to combat these limitations in future.

Appropriately weighted
Dedicate 10 to 20% of word count of limitation section to announcing move, 60 to 70% to reflecting move and 10 to 20% to forward looking move. Particularly, acknowledging potential limitation in announcing move is important. Then comes suggesting measures to overcome these limitation. But, the main focus is to explain nature of limitations. As this section is only 200 – 500 word count, focus on limitation that have greatest impact on research finding.

Acknowledging research limitation isn’t only highlighting why and where reader should reduce marks. Rather it provides appropriate balance to last chapter to make it clear that you recognize the limitation your research, why these are limitation and pointing measures t cater them in future. It demonstrate how much you have command on the topic.

There are various ideals in research. For quantitative research design, a probability sampling method is considered to be ideal as it allow researcher to make generalization or statistical inferences from the selected sample of population under consideration.

For instance:
For investigating career choices of students in a university of twenty thousand pupils, only a few number of students (500) may need to be surveyed and generalized over 20,000 students according to data collected from 500 students’ sample.

However, using probability sampling method can be difficult. Indeed there are various reason why it can be nearly impossible to use such technique because in such cases students are forced for using non probability sampling methods, where generaliztions isn’t possible.


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