DIY Plant Hacks for Around the Home

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Houseplants have long since been a statement piece of decor on our shelves, window sills, and other places around the home. They tend to be potted in plastic or clay but sometimes the beauty of the plant can be dulled by the unattractive pot it sits in. There are several avenues to take to spruce up your houseplant collection. The DIY plant hacks for around the home can transform your environment by making it brighter and healthier. In order to do this you’ll be given tips on growing plants in different containers and enhancing growth of the plants with how you care for it. For example, to add to the design you can put houseplants in mason jars or coffee cans. Finally, if you are seeking to add to the growth of the plan you can add mayonnaise to make the leaves appear brighter or ice cubes to the soil to allow the plant to absorb the exact amount of water it needs.

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