DNA and Diabetes Infographic

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DNA testing services are becoming more popular as more and more people are curious about genetics and their meanings. This includes people with diabetes who wonder if their lifestyle choices or genetics caused their condition. However, finding the exact cause of any patient can be tricky. First, one needs to understand genes and how they affect the shape and function of our bodies. From there, we can link how genes cause a medical condition. But then again, it is unclear how these genes cause the disease they are associated with. There is a gene associated with both types of diabetes. While some are responsible for the development of a condition, others result from lifestyle and age, among others. Regardless of the genetic history or lifestyle choices we make, we should blame no one for the development of a medical condition. Since having a specific gene is not a guarantee that one will develop diabetes. If you want to determine your child’s risk of developing diabetes as a parent with diabetes, it might be possible. The chance varies depending on the gender of the parent and the age you conceive, race, medical conditions, and other factors. But always remember that diabetes should not stop you from living your life. Skin Grip is offering top-notch adhesive patches that can secure your diabetic sensors so you can kick ass and live fearlessly.

Infographic Source: https://skingrip.com/blogs/t1d-tips/what-role-does-dna-play-in-diabetes


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