Does my Windscreen need Repairing or Replacing?

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(Last Updated On: August 31, 2016)

When your windscreen has been damaged it will need to be dealt with before you drive your car again. Having damage on your windscreen can be dangerous to yourself and other cars on the road. You may find that in most cases a car windscreen will only need a repair rather than a complete replacement. If it is a repair then a windscreen repair engineer will use their special equipment and skills to repair the damage on the windscreen. However, if the damage on the windscreen is too large and is beyond repair then the whole of the windscreen needs replacing. This can be done by a windscreen engineer. They will remove the whole of the windscreen and replace that with a brand new windscreen. The engineer will use a special glue to bond the new windscreen glass to the car. At Windscreen Motorway we have created an infographic showing if you need to replace a windscreen or repair it.

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