Do’s To Being The Best Co-parent Infographic

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Parenting is not easy, even more so if two parents decide to file for a divorce and split up. This makes co-parenting a hard task to face. There are many changes happening in a short period, and figuring out how to navigate normal issues each passing day and making difficult and important decisions is challenging. What used to be two people helping each other with the struggles of life, is now a parent learning to manage and walk through the path of parenting alone. Then there are the negative emotions left over from the divorce and the kids; in these situations, one can act out and be defiant. It is no surprise that parenting often feels hopeless and fills anyone with self-doubt and anxiety.

What can one do to handle a big task and why is co-parenting so hard? There’s the role change with a new role to embrace and responsibilities in your hand. It leaves a parent on their own with a lot on their shoulders. Reaching out to others and getting support can help you get through this transition. There are also money changes where your budget is cut in half or even more. Paying child support requires coordinating with your ex-partner, which can be more challenging if they are uncooperative. There are several things you need to keep in mind when dealing with this situation. Set boundaries with your children and remember that it takes teamwork with your ex. Instead of calling, text because it documents communication. Take the high road and watch your words. Manage your expectations and find support. Use technology to help you keep accurate records. A shared parenting app like DComply is an ideal app you can try.

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