Eliminating Racism in the Workplace A Handy Guide

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Racism in the workplace is still a huge issue that plagues society. While there has undoubtedly been a concerted effort to eliminate prejudice and include once-marginalized demographics, we still have a long way to go. In January 2022, the National Commission to Address Racism in Nursing released a study that surveyed over 5,600 nurses. The survey concluded that racism within the particular medical field is still rampant.

Eliminating racism in the workplace sounds easier said than done. Unfortunately, racism is a complex social phenomenon that one cannot solve overnight. Multiple workplace laws currently exist to mitigate instances of prejudice. However, the goal is to stop all biases against people of specific backgrounds, ethnicities, identities, and gender. Suppose you want to create a safe workplace that fosters inclusion and acceptance. In that case, this infographic can serve as a comprehensive visual guide that identifies workplace racism and illustrates the various ways of combatting it to keep employees safe, confident, and happy.

Infographic Source: https://shegerianlaw.com/eliminating-racism-in-the-workplace/


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