History of Car Window Tinting

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The importance of window car tint has been a trend ever since the benefits of installing this kind of equipment makes your car more pleasing to the eye and safe at the same time. The technology of car window tinting innovated and developed today more than ever. From the simple logic of adding extra layers of a dark tint to a vehicle’s windows sprung the idea of self-tinting glass, violation scanners, and a booming tinting industry in the next few years. It is best to know where and how these window car tints originated for car owners to appreciate the art science on how these things come to be useful today. While many would think that car window tinting is a relatively new feature and product of innovation and technology but knowing the real timeline of when and how all it began can help car owners to understand the simple construction of car window tints. To learn more about the history of car window tinting, please check the infographic below created by Tint2Go.

Infographic Source: http://tints2go.co.uk/wp/history-of-car-window-tinting-infographic/


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