How Elearning Can Benefit Your Organisation

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(Last Updated On: May 15, 2016)


This infographic is a detailed guide on ‘How elearning can benefit your organisation‘. It explains the meaning of elearning and how it is beneficial than regular classroom programs for corporate training and compliance courses.
Elearning is learning or training by using internet or visual presentations. It can be used for on-boarding new employees, carrying out safety and HR training and providing on-demand knowledge and information.
Some of the major advantages of elearning over classroom programs are bulk training, reduced spending, fresh and current training material, lesser infrastructural spending, better customization according to individualistic needs and better engagement among your audience. A real world example of benefit of online training is how British telecom was able to save more than $10 million dollars by switching to elearning platform for its employees.
Due to these benefits of elearning, employee training becomes much more meaningful and developing.


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