How is Media Consumption in the US Changing?

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Today, there are so many types of media to consume and a plethora of devices to choose from. There’s television, social media, streaming video, video on demand to watch on tablets, PCs, and traditional TV screens. Gone are the days that everyone watches TGIF on Friday night. Do you want to watch Cable TV as a show is happening or watch it later on DVR? Or, do you want to wait until the entire season is over and binge watch it on Netflix or another video on demand (VOD) service on your couch one Saturday afternoon? It’s easy to assume that the younger generation are the only people taking advantage of this newfound convenience. However, using the Nielsen Total Audience Report, Amy Medeiros of Broadband Search delved deeper into these questions and more about social media, devices, and family situation. Some of the facts are what you would expect. Some are surprising. media-consumption-habitsInfographic Source:


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