How Terpenes Affect the Brain

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Terpenes are natural aromatic compounds found in a variety of plants. They are responsible for creating a plant’s characteristic scent, which is why plants and herbs like pine, lavender, and orange peels smell the way they do. In nature, these compounds can attract pollinators and protect plants by causing a strong reaction that repels predators like insects and grazing animals. Similarly, terpenes can help humans, too. Terpenes have numerous health benefits to the human body. Because of its vibrant scent, terpenes are the base of many essential oils, a fundamental tool in alternative therapies like aromatherapy. By inhaling certain scents, you can experience different positive effects such as lowered stress levels and improved mood. There is countless research proving the benefits of terpenes, and some even recommend that these compounds be used medically. A study by Chemico-Biological Interactions notes how terpenes’ beneficial effects on the body could serve as alternative medicine or therapy. Learn how various kinds of terpenes can affect your brain functionality in this infographic.

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