How To Care For Your Handbag – A Step by Step Guide

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So, how do you look after a leather bag to make sure that it looks just as good as the day you bought it? By following the steps below, it can be surprisingly easy to make your bag look brand new for longer.

Waterproof it

– Water is not your friend.
– Check care label and apply beeswax creams and protective sprays accordingly

Store it

– Don’t use the same bag every day
– Store it out of direct sunlight
– Make the most out of the dust bag provided
– Stuff your bag with baking paper to keep its original shape
– Never stuff your handbag with newspapers- it will stain the fabric

Avoid germs

– Never place your handbag on the floor
– Use purse hangers to steer clear of germs and bacteria
– Handle your bag with clean hands
– Make sure that the items you fill your handbag with are clean by wiping your phone, makeup and wallet on a weekly basis

Keep it clean

– Gently wipe down your handbag once a week with mild soapy water
– Never use baby wipes- it will ruin the leather

How to clean it

1. Mix 1 part mild soap with 8 parts distilled or bottled water. Avoid tap water as this can stain the leather.

2. Pour your mixture into a spray bottle and spray onto a microfibre cloth

3. Gently wipe down your handbag, going with the grain of the leather

4. Leave the bag to dry out of direct sunlight

6. For extra protection, add a tiny bit of leather moisturiser once dried

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