How to Create an eBook – Infographic by Thehotskills

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(Last Updated On: July 13, 2019)

An e-Book is the hub of expansive knowledge all compiled in a digital format. Nowadays, people think anybody can write an e-book by making use of tools like Google Docs, Open Office, and Grammarly and adding visuals that are pertinent to the information at hand, however, this is only a myth. If you are a writer and are really into writing your e-book and then publishing it, you need to be very consistent with some of the important stuff.

The four cornerstones to creating an effective, attractive, and efficient e-Book are planning, research, development, and distribution. No task can be done well without some planning, and an e-Book requires loads of it. Not only this, the language needs to be very simple and breezy, there is no need of including a jargon in each sentence. Also, there should only be a use of sensible font and colors.

At the end, avid promotion is a must. Without it, more people will not read leading to wastage of your hard efforts and time. To know everything in detail, you can go through all the fundamental steps provided in this infographic below and take your steps accordingly.

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