Iconic Corten Steel Architecture

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Corten steel is a stunning metal and used for a variety of purposes. One that we are particularly interested in, is Corten Steel Architecture. It is incredibly useful, due to its longevity and durability, but it also has a stylish, industrial edge. Therefore, sculptures, towers, buildings, water features and more, all made of corten steel will be long lasting which produces timeless art work.

Corten steel is useful due to its formation of a protective layer. It forms a gorgeous amber patina over the metal it is protecting throughout the weathering process. This is usually referred to as a protective layer of rust, which is just one of its amazing properties. The protective layer means that the steel underneath is prevented from degradation, meaning corten steel is entirely low maintenance. Therefore, when architectural pieces of corten steel are made, they rarely need to be maintained, which is perfect for a public setting.

The Angel of the North is a famous piece of architecture made from corten steel and one of our favourites. It is an incredibly impressive sculpture having been standing for over two decades!

Infographic Source: https://www.floraselect.net/blog/corten-steel-architecture/


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