Installing 2nd WhatsApp on Your Phone – Why It’s Useful?

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Many businesses have experienced an influx of employees from both the Millennial and Generation Z demographics, along with their preference for newer technology. Many members of the two demographics prefer using mobile messaging apps for communication purposes, including for business purposes. Due to the popularity of mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp, many companies have resorted to allowing their use for official businesses. Still, such a decision also comes with problems in meeting various compliance standards.

A second WhatsApp account that’s dedicated for business purposes is useful to improve the security and work efficiency for a company’s employees, to track the app’s data usage, and to meet compliance standards. Installing a second WhatsApp account is beneficial for companies to improve the collaboration between the employees, supervisors, and managers. However, to ensure that a company will meet compliance standards, it will need a solution that can retain business communications. For more information, see this infographic by TeleMessage.

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