Is It Really Free?

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(Last Updated On: October 16, 2016)

The world of freebies has also been corrupted by a number of schemes and tactics developed by the manufacturing brands that give an illusion that a person is getting something for free but the reality is a lot different. The infographic below highlights all such fake offers.

  •  If the retailers are asking you to buy a specific product to get the free product of your choice then you are just being asked to pay for both of them and just think that you’re paying for one. It’s not free.
  • A lot of retailers offer rebate option where you pay for a product upfront and then claim a rebate but that doesn’t happen 60% of the times. They know that, you should know that too, it’s not free!
  • Are you being provided with a service or a product for a specific time period for free? You’re not getting anything for free – you’re just enjoying a trial period, it’s not free.
  • Have you been looking at a survey form to be filled or a competition that is asking you to spread its word? You have been looking at a fake freebie.
  • A lot of companies charge significantly higher shipment fee but there product is dubbed as “free”. You pay the amount of the product in its delivery fee and that means that the product  cannot classified as something for ‘Free.


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