How Much Does a Bad Reputation Cost Your Business?

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Did you know that it takes about 12 positive reviews to counteract a single negative review online? This may just be a number, but if your brand is on the line, it matters.

Social media has changed the way we do business. For the most part, this change has made it easier to promote your brand and connect with your target market. You spend less time and money on marketing and more on improving your product and making your service better.

But on the downside, this has also made it effortless for people to talk negatively about your brand. With a simple click or tap, they can post negative reviews about their experience. And it doesn’t matter if their claims are true or not because once people see those negative reviews, they’ll immediately think your brand isn’t trustworthy and not worth trying out.

This is why brand appearance matters now more than ever. Nowadays, the thing that separates a good brand from a great one is the positive image that it reflects online. This is also why companies are investing more in full-time teams that manage the brand’s social media accounts so that they can address issues and solve problems that their customers are having real-time, and thus, prevent any negative comments about the brand. Having a proactive voice on social media is an ounce of prevention that can save you time and money that comes with having a bad reputation.

This infographic shows you the numbers and facts you need to avoid having a bad reputation online. Having a bad reputation can be costly and result in unwanted repercussions down the line for your business. A positive image is an important ingredient to your company’s success that you can leverage to up your game, and knowing the numbers will give you a serious advantage over the competition.

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