Pipe Relining Explained – A New, Affordable Solution to Damaged and Faulty Pipes

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For decades homeowners have been forced to dig up concrete, pavement and beloved gardens to fix sewer pipes and root damage to drains, costing them thousands of dollars in repairs. On average homeowners spend $1,386-$2,731 to repair their sewer drains. Just to repair a burst pipe under a concrete slab can cost up to $3,800 dollars. This infographic explains a new process called “Pipe Relining” which not only cuts down the stress, time & effort it takes digging up the yard, but also provides a long term solution that’s effective and much more affordable to fix burst and broken pipes. Discover the “Brawoliner” Rehabilitation Process, which in 5 simple steps fixes burst pipes without digging and in half the time it would usually take to fix burst pipes. Best part the whole process costs less than 50% of traditional methods to fix broken pipes.

Infographic Source: http://www.thereliningcompany.com.au/


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