Reasons Why Infographics Still Matter in SEO

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Infographics are a hugely popular information format both in print and online. Like the video and the use of data, infographic design now appears in most internet articles; just hop onto any major media website and you’ll see information delivered through one. It’s true – the infographic is everywhere, and for inbound marketing, it is a must. In fact, 65% of the people that hit your page are visual learners.

There are lots of reasons for this. The best infographics communicate often complicated information in a simple way. Large data sets or figures can be compressed to a more easily understandable value and, with the help of some snazzy design tricks, help the reader to appreciate what is really being said.

Aside from that, infographics are colorful and attractive. They grab a reader’s attention and they hold it. High quality infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than text articles. Through a combination of images and words, they can tell a story. If someone sees an infographic in an article, they are more likely to click on that article. And it’s a great way to break up a boring big chunk of text. Why read 500 words when an infographic will do?

But many people do not associate the illustrated infographic with SEO. After all, the infographic deals with images, not words. And to an extent that’s true; you can’t pack a chart or graph with hundreds of keyword phrases. You can leave a lasting impact on those who come across your content through the use of colors and images. Recent studies have shown an 82% increase in readers’ attention spans and recall through the use of colors in infographics.

Despite this belief, infographics remain a fundamental part of the package for any website hoping to generate backlinks, produce proper link building, and, more generally, see traffic inflow rise.

In this article, we’ll explain why infographics are an adaptable and practical means of communication and marketing and why they should remain a key part of your SEO strategy.

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