Romance in the Philippines: 7 Local Flowers Perfect for Valentine’s Day

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Do you know what you’ll be buying for Valentine’s Day yet? If not, you’re probably not alone, as Filipinos everywhere are now browsing stores and Googling gift ideas for their lovers. Bouquets remain a Valentine’s Day classic, however, as evidenced in how flower prices continue to shoot up every February. Some people opt to purchase freshly cut blooms from Ecuador or Colombia for a killer combo of romance and luxury. However, there are gorgeous flowers growing right here in the Philippines as well!

A few of these local flowers are already bouquet staples, such as fragrant lilies and shapely anthuriums. Other flowers may come as a surprise to you, though. Who knew that the gumamela, often sighted in backyard gardens, had the potential to stir up romance? Plus, the flowers in bouquets can carry particular messages depending on their colors, so you can handpick blooms and combine them to create an arrangement custom-tailored for your loved one. Put together fiery reds and oranges to convey passion and enthusiasm, or get a pure pink arrangement to send heartfelt emotion to a graceful woman. If you’re starting to get ideas for your Valentine’s Day bouquet, you’ll want to take a look at the infographic below! Check out these 7 Philippine flowers that can delight your loved one this Valentine’s Day.

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