The 21 Craziest Facts About Makeup

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People (men and women alike) have been using makeup since the dawn of civilization, with lipstick tracing its origins back to Mesopotamia. Throughout history, from Mesopotamia, to China, to the Roman Empire, to the modern day, people have used makeup to signify their social status, boost their confidence, and alter others’ perceptions of them. People have gone to extreme lengths for the benefits makeup offers, with people even dying due to a white-lead makeup product in the 1400s.

In the modern day, women rank foundation and mascara as the top two makeup products that boost self-confidence. Each year, around 900 million tubes of lipstick are sold around the world, with American women shelling out around $15,000 on cosmetics over their lifetimes, with around $1,780 of that just for lipstick alone. Lipstick sales also increase during recessions—could that be because women wearing makeup are perceived as more employable? To learn more, check out these 21 crazy facts about makeup.

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