The Future Tech of Smart Glasses [Infographic]

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(Last Updated On: January 24, 2022)

The eyewear market is expected to see incredible growth. Market value in 2021 is $115 billion. It’s expected to reach $172 billion by 2028. This market includes prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses as well as specialized eyewear for sports, gaming, and workplace safety. The growth in the eyewear industry will be fueled by design innovations and changing consumer habits.

Due to the proliferation of working remotely, more people are developing computer vision syndrome than ever. This has led eyeglass providers to develop and promote their blue light-filtering lenses extensively. Other design changes happening to eyeglasses include lenses designed to address medical conditions, such as light sensitivity and migraines. Lens filters offer a wide range of opportunities, from UV protection to anti-fog coating. Outsiders to the industry may not be aware of the level of technology that goes into crafting eyeglasses, but providers understand how crucial innovation is to their company’s survival.

Taking development a step further, smart glasses are taking their first steps into the market. Once a product of science fiction, smart glasses can now project augmented information just out of the wearer’s direct line of sight. Future uses for such glasses include engineers repairing equipment and surgeon’s tracking a patient’s vitals as they work. Smart glasses may not yet be a mainstay, but their time is coming.

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