Top 5 Common Plumbing Problems & their Solutions

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(Last Updated On: March 6, 2021)

Plumbing sometimes tends to misbehave and create a lot of problems that can really freak you out. But did you know that you can fix such situations yourself without calling a plumber! The following infographic shows some common plumber problems and how you can fix them yourself.

Clogged drains are a common plumber problem in households in Switzerland. A drain is clogged if the water does not drain or the sewage backs up. Common causes of clogged drains are hair, kitchen oils and fats, foreign objects, and even excess toilet paper stuck in the pipes. However, there are a few tricks to easily fixing a clogged drain yourself and avoiding calling a plumber to clean the pipe.

Is your sanitary installation suddenly causing problems? It could be something as simple as a leaking faucet or something more sinister like a clogged drain. Here we look at five common plumbing problems and their solutions.

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