Top Business Travel Destinations in 2018

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Corporate travel is a great way to drive change and inspire the whole team, but it is also an excellent opportunity to explore a new place, have some fun outside of the office, and even know your fellow employees better (if you are travelling with them) outside of the usual hierarchy present in the company setup. It can also be a way to entice other people into doing business with you, as you’re pushing the idea that your company is taking great care of its employees!

Travelling is also growing as a popular trend for people of all ages, and there are so many options and recommendations online on where to go and what to do. With this potpourri of options, how can you choose the perfect city with all the best offerings – business and leisure-wise? Do you go for a Western route, or try a more Eastern flavor? What factors should you consider before choosing? Are there specific cities or countries that are perfect for the industry you’re working for?

Here are some of the top business travel destinations you need to try this year, courtesy of this infographic by Hyryde.

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