Top Workplace Trends for 2023 [Survey & Expert Insights]

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From huge factories in the 19th century, and depressing cubicles in the 1980s, to modern workspaces or home offices.

From electric typewriters in the 1960s to sleek contemporary laptops.

From 6 working days a week, 10 hours each until the 20th century, to a 4-day workweek in 2022.

Smoking bans at offices, wireless communication, pay equality, awareness of sexual harassment, and no long-term employer loyalty.

These are just some examples of how the world of work has changed and evolved.

And the biggest revolution is that in the 2020s, workplace trends are no longer evolving over decades. Now, it’s rather a matter of years or months. Sometimes changes happen overnight.

Common remote work? Let’s start tomorrow.

4-day work week? Great, let’s do this.

Workation? Get that flight booked.

As we’re saying goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023, let’s check out what’s coming.

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