Types of Bathrooms

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In many aspects, the bathroom is an essential room in a house, as it serves a practical purpose but is also a space for relaxation and self-reflection. For interior design experts, the bathroom is also considered as the room which sets the tone for the rest of the home. It is therefore very important that the style of your bathroom suits your needs and the style of home you want to achieve. After all, it’s where you start and finish your day.

In the construction world, there are four types of the bathroom that you can choose from. Each type offers the same service and function. However, each one has a different layout, composition, design, and size, which caters to different types of needs by different types of people.

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, or planning to purchase a new house soon, but can’t decide yet which one appeal for you, then check out the infographic below from Luxury Commercial Bath to learn about the different types of bathroom.

Infographic Source: http://luxurycommercialbath.com/blog/types-of-bathrooms-infographic/


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