Unique Ways Decorative Mirrors Upgrade A Room

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Mirrors serve more than just reflective surfaces where you can check out your appearance when it comes to interior decorating. It’s a widely-employed trick by designers and decorators all over the globe to use mirrors as decorative touches, either for their framing style or the fact that they can elongate or widen the visual space of a room. Some even consider it a vital part of any design or style as it can aesthetically enhance an interior this way.

Aside from the visual illusion of space and the addition of an artistic framing, mirrors can bring light and depth into the room as though they are portable windows that you can move and place as you like. It becomes art in such a minimalistic setup, as they can emphasize views and colors that are reflected in their surfaces, thus creating special effects in the home. To know more about how mirrors can upgrade a room to the next level, check out this infographic by Accent Art and Frame.

Infographic Source: http://accentartandframe.com/blog/index.php/unique-ways-decorative-mirrors-upgrade-a-room-infographic


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