Village Cooking Channel’ receives diamond play button from YouTube for crossing 10 Million Subscribers

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Village Cooking Channel has crossed one crore subscribers, becoming the first Tamil Youtube channel to achieve this feat. Launched in April 2018, the creators received the ‘Diamond Play Button’ from YouTube for reaching this milestone.

The channel is run by a group of youngsters from Chinna Veeramangalam in Pudukkottai, who come from a family of farmers. Subramanian, Ayannar, Tamilselvan, Muthumanickam, Murugesan (cousins) run the channel along with their grandfather, Periyathambi, who was a caterer.

After crossing one crore subscribers, the creators donated Rs 10 lakhs to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Public Relief Fund to help in the fight against Covid.

Giving back is a big part of their philosophy. Every dish they cook while shooting the videos is made atleast for a 100 people. The food is then distributed to charity homes or to the people in the village where the video is being shot.

“We always have been taught to give. That’s why, when we crossed 1 crore subscribers, we wanted to do something good. We handed over a cheque of Rs 10 lakhs to Chief Minister MK Stalin. We hope that it helps people battling Covid. This donation is on behalf of all our viewers, who have showered us with love,” said Ayyanar.

The creators also thanked their viewers for helping them reach the milestone.

“Our viewers have helped us reach here. We feel so proud to be the first Tamil creators to get this diamond play button from YouTube. This is our collective victory,” added Subramanian.

Thatha Periyathambi was the happiest after receiving the button. He said that in his several years as a caterer, he never received any recognition. But now, thanks to Youtube, everyone lovingly calls him Thatha and comments on his cooking.

Rahul Gandhi’s appearance on the channel in February is a very popular video. Their USP is their simplicity and village cooking. They shoot their videos in the green fields in and around Pudukkottai. They don’t use any machines, everything is ground by hand on the ammi (stone grinder).


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