Wealth Managers Keys to Improve Text Message Engagement with Clients

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Complying with industry and legal regulatory requirements shouldn’t be the only reason wealth managers have when archiving mobile messages. Being able to capture and record mobile SMSallowswealth management firmsto enhance their relationships with their clients while being able to generate new avenues to generate revenue. Wealth managers would be able to improve their communications with their clients when using both text messages and mobile archiving. Wealth management firms can use two-way SMS or USSD text applications to allow convenience for the clients as they’d be able to communicate with an actual representative of their wealth management firms.

Archiving such conversations would enable wealth managers to review them and gain a complete insight into their clients’ interactions with them. Wealth managers can also use SMS alerts, SMS reminders, two-way SMS chatbots, andlocation-based SMS to get their prospective clients to fill out forms delivered via email or found on their website. Combining technology like mobile archivers with real-life interactions would make every interaction more meaningful and would lead to having long-term relationships with their clients. To know more about how wealth managers can do so, seethis infographic by Telemessage.

Infographic Source: https://www.telemessage.com/financial-text-archiving-wealth-managers-keys-to-improve-text-message-engagement-with-clients/


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